A year back, I wrote an article titled ‘Why are we drawn to beauty?’. Makoto Fujimura, in his book Culture Care, argues that “Beauty feeds our souls.” We are drawn to beauty because it feeds our souls. Our longing for beauty tells us that we are not just bodies, but we also have a soul. Then I started asking myself, what do we do if we don’t find beauty? Should we starve our souls?

Recently, I had a opportunity to speak on this topic to some amazing aquascapers from all over India at the ADA [Aqua Design Amano] nature aquarium festival, Bangalore. Aquascapers with great passion bring their imagination, craftsmanship, knowledge, patience, care and hope to recreate some beautiful pieces of nature in aquariums, ponds and even small containers. They use materials like plants, rocks, driftwood, sand, substrate, etc., to create them and add